vrijdag 7 maart 2014

Call for articles: EXCHANGE

In 1972-3 I was for eight months working at IIMO. Its was my first paid job. It was only temporary, because Frans Verstraelen, director mission studies at the Interuniversity Institute for Missiology and Ecumenical Studies was on study leave for that period to Zambia.
One of my jobs was to assist the editing of the journal Exchange, one of the first theological journal to pay attention to non-Western theology and theologians.
After working for more than a decade in Indonesia in an exchange programme for Indonesian Muslim Scholars, I returned to Leiden and became in 1989 successor to Frans Verstraelen. Leny Lagerwerf was at that time the editor for Exchange and I became in 1995 its chief editor, until about 2002, when Freek Bakker took over the responsibility for the journal.
It was always quite a job: finding enough articles of good quality and the duty has become more and more difficult from one side, because the topic has become more common. Otherwise, also many Indonesia, African and Latin American theologians feel the need to publish in peer-reviewed journals. This is their opportunity. After many years with a great flood of articles offered, now there is some shortage. Therefore I include here the Call for Articles.
Exchange is an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of missiology, ecumenism, world Christianity and interreligious relations, published with Brill in Leiden. Established more than forty years ago as the journal of the Dutch Interuniversity Institute for Missiology and Ecumenism, Exchange nowadays has an editorial board of scholars from around the world and aims at creating an international forum for authors and readers interested in contemporary developments in intercultural theology, contextual forms of Christianity or Christian theology as well as inter-religious and ecumenical relations. Exchange has over 330 subscribers, institutional as well as individual, from Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America and Europe, whereas 4150 full-text downloads of articles published in Exchange were reported in 2012. 41Recent thematic issues included: Churches, Christians and Modern Media, Jesus Traditions and Masculinities in World Christianities, Christian communities facing up to migration.
Exchange observes a double-blind peer-review system.  All articles published in Exchange are reviewed by two reviewers before publication.
Scholars interested in publishing in Exchange are invited to submit their manuscripts to the Managing Editor: Dr. Freek L. Bakker, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, e-mail: f.l.bakker@uu.nl.

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