maandag 31 augustus 2015

UNPO, Yudi Suyuti in Utrecht

In Mid-August we enjoyed a visit from Mr Yudi Syamsudin Suyuti, his wife and daughter. Suyuti is the son (one out of seven children) of Zarkowi Soejoeti, active in the Ministry of Religion(s) of Indonesia, at several institutes of higher education, but in 1997-9 as Indonesian representative in Riyad and from 1999-2001 in Syria. In 1997 Paule and I stayed in his house in Yogyakarta, Jalan Wulung 29 (just opposite our former house on no 26), waiting for the conference in Hotel Horison, Jakarta and before and after our trip to Flores and Timor (Kupang, Atambua, up to East Timor, Dili)
The main purpose of Mr and Mrs Suyuti to NL was the enrollment of their daughter Shirley Yulianti to the University of Applies Sciences, INHolland in The Hague.
The photo is a selfie taken in the church yard of the great Saint Martin's Cathedral in Utrecht (usually called Dom). My wife Paule is standing behind with Yudi's wife Nelly. Daughter Shirley will study communication in The Hague, like her father did in Indonesia (and for three years was teaching at the UIN in Pekan Baru).
Yudi is active in UNPO, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization. His business card proudly gives him the title of President for the Negara Rakyat Nusantara ... The People's State of Nusantara: 'Freedom, Solidarity, Cooperation under GOD ALMIGHTY'.
The Suyuti family is inter-religious. Although father Zarkowi was one of the authors of the Marriage Law of 1974, the couple had to evade the cruel ruling about the impossibility of a mixed Muslim-Christian marriage in present Indonesia. They went to Singapore, had their marriage blessed by a Protestant minister and returned to Jakarta to have this registered as a valid marriage.
This second selfie is taken in front of the giant tower of Dom church, in fact a combination of a fortress of the Raja-Pandita, the Bishop Ruler of Mediaeval Utrecht.
We have discussion about Aceh, Lampung, Dayak and Moluccan desire for independence, until Papua. I think that Yudi is a peaceful man, and he did not like the violent action of the RMS Moluccans in the Netherlands. Also for Papua he really hopes for peace. But how democratic are these organizations God Almighty is called as a support, but it is difficult to estimate the democratic wish for a turn towards (more) independence. He is definitely an idealist and I wish him some success in making his country more democratic, more prosperous and peaceful, whether is will be within the framework of the present administration or through other, still quite insecure ways.

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