donderdag 27 augustus 2015

Big, Bigger, from Ambarawa to Manado

Next week I will be in Manado for AICIS, the Annual International Conference of Islamic Studies. I knew already that the very Protestant town of Manado has the world's largest Menoreh. But now I saw that that is also one of the largest statues of Jesus: Jesus gives his blessing to Manado. It look fancy and it is in line with the more recent development in Indonesian Christianity: withdrawing from political and social action and concentration on more devotional practice.
There is a nice website with the title Patung-patung agama tertinggi di Indonesia. It looks as if the largest will become the Vishnu in Bali, but it is still under construction. Last 15 August 2015 the largest statue of Mary in Indonesia and perhaps in the world, the 42 metres high Ascension of Mary in Ambarawa was with great ceremony inaugurated. There was a statue of Mary, 32 metres in Bulgaria, but now Ambarawa, Goa Kerep, is the winner!
The 'great religions' should not become greater!

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