donderdag 27 augustus 2015

Bintang Mahaputera 2015

The Jesuits of Indonesia were happy and proud: on 13 August President Jokowi had a list of 46 persons who received the award of Bintang Mahaputera (Great Personality) and two of them were Jesuits: the late Piet Zoetmulder, great scholar of Old Javanese (died 1995) and Franz (von) Magnis-Suseno, born 1936 in Silesia, one of the great thinkers, analysis of Indonesian society and politics (and sometimes truly a severe critic of Soeharto, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and also of Jokowo now).
There were more interesting nominations. My late rector in Jakarta, Prof. Harun Nasution also received the nomination with the qualification of pengembang budaya moderat as a supporter of a 'moderate culture' surely for promoting Islamic independent philosophical thinking and not promoting in any style the application of the full and complete package of shari'a law, whatever it may be. Also the poet and mystical Muslim teacher Gus Mus, Nahdlatul Ulama leader Mustafo Bisri, as well as former Muhammadiyah leader Syafii Maarif received the award.
Magnis Susesno has the 'traditional' modern Turkish looking fez in black, sign of nationalism, standing utmost right here. I do not know has is the person with the sikh dress on his head.

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