donderdag 31 januari 2013

Muhammad according to Charlie Hebdo

The French weekly Charlie Hebdo has published a booklet of 62 pages, in fact a first volume in a series about the life of the Peophet Muhammad. It is a quite serious text, following the nice and lively stories of the sirat in various recensions.

Muhammad is a funny figure, not the great sage or wise man, not the great politican, but a little dry, with humour and good understanding. I suggested that the Dialogue Academy of the G├╝len sympethizers of Rotterdam should seek a partner for a Dutch translation. But the Platform Ins as it has been remained since this year, is still hesitant. I suggested to Alper Alasag that he should try to convice the big newspaper De Volkskrant to publish it together. But there was a big smile. One bridge too far?

 The birth of Muhammad. He had a special sign on his shoulder that was shown to a Jew, who recognised it a the sign for the New Prophet and thereupon the Jews disappeared. 
Seeing the drawing, Muhammad was already circumcised at birth, as is the common Muslim story.

There were many miracles at Muhammad's  birth: the palace of the Persian ruler, Khusraw, collapsed.

Muhammad worked for Khadija and was asked by her for a formal marriage. Her father was a difficult man. He already had rejected marriage proposals by many rich citizens from Quraysh, the tribe of Muhammad and certainly would not agree that a poor orphan should marry her. Khadija and Muhammad left below in a complot: much strong drinks should be given to the father and when drunk, he would consent in the marriage that should then be immediately formally regulated.
The first revelation by Gabriel (with the wings, left) to Muhammad, who does not like the call and turns away.

Isn't it a nice combination: the serious story (even with some 90 endnotes) and the lighhearted drawings!

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