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The Balkafiyah of Jokowi after the attack on Church of Saint Lidwina in Bedog-Yogyakarta

On 11 February 2018 a 'lonely wolf', a young man, born in Banyuwangi, attacked the church of Saint Lidwina in Bedog, near Yogyakarta. He had a sword and cut the heads of statues of Jesus and Mary. He hit also several people. His best know victim was the 80 years old musician and Jesuit priest, Dr. Karl-Edmund Prier who directed a choir or celebrated Mass on the early Sunday morning. Prier had severe wounds on his back and head, but was not deadly wounded. Tiny parts of his skull fell on the grounds, but nothing of his brains was hurt. He published a letter with some comments about the aftermath: not only the Catholic community but also the Muslims of this neighbourhood helped to clean things, to paint the church again white. The first to come with a new statue for Mary and Jesus was a Muslim haji who had bought it at his own initiative, without a panitia or committee. On Monday 19 February the church was 're-consecrated' by Bishop Robertus Rubiyatmoko of Semarang.
From President Jokowi of Indonesia also a comment came in the style of a 'Negative Confession'. In fact, it was a statement Jokowi gave already before he became President in 2014. It is in Indonesian also on the internet:
In the tradition of Muslim theology the confession of God is often formulated in a negative way: how God not should be seen: not changing, without begin and end, hearing but not as a human being or as any creature. The Arab expression is bi la kayf (without its how) and often summarized as balkafiyah. It is a modest way of speaking about God. I give here a translation of this formulation of Jokowi's personal confession:
Everybody has the right to doubt my religion.
But I, for myself , do not doubt my belief and my spiritual leaders.
And I never doubt Islam as my religion.
I am not a member of a group which adheres Islam with the purpose to create an Islamic state.
I am not an associate of those who accept Islam, but also like to spread hatred, envy and fear.
I am not an associate of those Muslim groups who are convinced that they must consider family members and other fellow citizens as unbelievers.
I am not a member of that small Muslim sect who disguise in Arab dress with a turban and who rob property of other people and use a sword full of blood.
I am not an associate of the Islam which abuses the verses of the Qur'an to cheat the people.
I am not a member of those political parties that abuse Islam for corruption in order to live a luxurious life.
I am not a meber of the Islam which causes war against Muslim fellow people. 
I am not a member of the Islam  which oppresses other religions.
I am not an associate of Islam which is arrogant, with a sword in the hand and words in the mouth.
I am not a member of Islam in order to seek dirty tricks.
I am Jokowi, part of Islam as Rahmatan lil Alamin, God's Grace for the whole world.
The Islam which is lived from generation to generation and plays its role in the Indonesian Republic as a State which keeps to the Constitution of 1945 and the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, a Unified Variety, as God's Grace.

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