maandag 26 januari 2009

Muhammad as Lawgiver, in Obama's surrounding

It was a great experience last week, the ceremonies for the inauguration of Barack Obama in Washington in various places of that Haram section, the sacred territory of the Mall. While looking at the ceremonies, where Obama himself also mentioned with honour the other religions like Hindu, Jews, Muslims, as well as the non-believers, I was reminded of the nearly 200 year old series of lawgiver in the Supreme Court, where Muhammad stays in the series of two friezes between the 18 great lawgivers of mankind, like Confucius, Moses, Napole, Hugo Grotius. Several Muslim groups have protested against Muhammad as depicted above, in full image and with Koran and sword.

Below we see Muhammad between Charlemagne and Justinianus.

Obama who was the first president to go to an inter-religious service in the National Cathedral of Washington, mentioned Jews, Muslims and Hindus as well as unbelievers with respect in his speech, has had predecessors in the 19th century.

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