maandag 13 februari 2017

A Miracle in Bogor?

GKI, Gereja Kristen Indonesia is simply known as the 'Chinese Church' in Indonesia. In 2001 its congregation in Bogor bought a piece of land to build a new church. Until 2006 they collected money for the construction and 445 signatures of people living in the neighbourhood of the Jasmin Garden. In this wat they received on 13 July 2006 an IMB, Izin mendirikan bangunan or building permit from the mayor of Bogor. In January 30 citizens of the town protested against the building of a church and the mayor easily gave in and forbade the building. The GKI went to court and several judges estimated that they were entitled to build the church, between 2008-2011. But still the mayor did not give in an building came to a standstill.
The poster above announces that "the majority in this district are Muslims who do not like the coming of a church building here.
Yesterday, 12 February 2017 there seemed to be a new development in this long case: an agreement is announced, that this piece of land will be partly used for a church, partly for a mosque. If this comes true, then a situation may rise like in Surabaya, where a church is built next to the largest mosque of the town, and Jakarta where the old Catholic Cathedral has the magnificent Istiqlal Mosque as its neighbour. Until now the congregation of GKI Yasmin holds its services in the open air, sometimes even on public places, praying and protesting at the same time. A similar problem is still going with the Batak Church (HKBP) in bekasi.

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