dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

Corrections for "Catholics in Independent Indonesia"

For the new book, Catholics in Independent Indonesia, 1945-2010, I received a full page review by Azyumardi Azra in Kompas, 9 August 2015. There were also private messages with nice comments.
Adolf Heuken sent a supporting letter from Jakarta: most of this period was for him a personal memory and he liked the book very much.
Some small comments:
page 13: People of Flores, who in 1950 wanted to join the Indonesian United Republic, later felt mistreated because promises about regional autonomy were not kept, according to Pak Riberu.
Page 21: Father Daniels never was a friend of Father Joop Beek, because Beek took the best stuidents from the Catholuc Students' Union PMKRI for Kasebul.
Pages 36/49: the fights in Ambon were planned by the military, as well as the Ketapang riots in Jakarta. Later this was continued against Gus Dur as president. Laskar Jihad was supported by the military.
Page 90: Karl Prier is not Belgium but German! - On the same page, note 23, the translation for Cipta Loka Caraka given by Jan Bakker was 'a place (loka) from where a herald (caraka) spreads good ideas (cipta).' It is all Sanskrit words.
Page 473: Secretary Leo Zwaans was not allowed to leave the premises of the Jakarta Cathedral during the Japanese administration.
Page 488 Bishop Leo Soekoto was not the son of a goat shepherd but of the village chief, lurah. But still from a mountain village.
Page 488: The church in Taosebio was built as a mansion in the beginning of the 16th century (this is: in the old centre of Jakatra; about one century before Coen founded Batavia). But the Chinese temple or klenteng Jin de Yuan, behind the church (burnt down in 2015), was built about 1650.

So far some remarks by this learned Jesuit who calls the book a wertvolles Buch. Darin zu lesen macht viel Freude.

Adolf Heuken in December 2013 (before I went to Kupang for the first meeting of ASAKKIA). Above in his working room, below in front of the walled house in Mentang, Jalan Muhammad Yamin 37, where he stayed for some time after 1968 with Joop Beek SJ, then alone with staff of CLC. In front of him another Jesuit, Greg Soetomo.

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