zaterdag 4 september 2010

Ramadan Mubarak 1431/2010

Through this medium I want to congratulate all my readers with the start, observance and end of Ramadan 1431. May this practice help us to cleanse our bodies and mind, improve relations between people and between human beings and their creator.
We remember the compassionate love of Abraham, who was willing to give away anything he had, even to offer his beloved son, but finally was happy to slaughter a goat and to celebrate the festival with his family, friends and many other people, especially the poor. May this sacred period be a blessing for all of us.

While looking for cards for Ramadan on the internet and with friends, I found many images of nice mosques, most often the Haram of Mecca. But I decided to take an image of a mosque in Pakistan, region covered by a disastrous flood these days.

Besides this mosque in Pakistan you find here by contrast the work of the artist Kristof Kintera, designed for the building of the administration of the European Union in Brussels in 2009. He has an image of the Netherlands, also flooded and only mosques are still visible. As if the two enemies of our country: the old enemy of the water and the flood, besides the new one of 'islamization' are combined here.
We experience now the growing power of conservative politicians who use the fear for Islam as a means to attract attention. So, friends all over the world, join us in the fight against islamophobia! Mohon maaf lahir batin, forgive us out trespasses and enjoy Idul Fitr 4031!

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