zaterdag 4 juli 2009

Father Joop Beek and Kiai Subchan Z.E. as co-authors for dirty stories blaming 'communist' women of playing with the G30S Generals?

The Dutch scholar Saskia Wierenga has not only published in 2002 her doctoral dissertation (originally defended in 1995) on Sexual Politics in Indonesia, she also has written a novel about a researcher/journalist in Indonesia (mostly Jakarta and Surakarta, about 1980) who does inquiries about the real events of 30 September 1965 and its aftermath. She discovers that the generals and the young Captain Tendean were not victims of sexual plays, no penises cut off, as was the story that was spread about 3-5 days after the terrible murders. The stories about the young 'communist' women performing dirty dancing in front of the prisoners at Lubang Buaya and playing with the penises, was invented by 'a pastor and a dancing priest'. The pastor is identified as Father Bron who shows much resemblance to Father Joop Beek, while Subchan is mentioned as his partner in inventing the story, but also as someone 'who was often seen in nightclubs, where he danced with women and loved to drink a good glass' (136).
'Father Bron/Beek and Subchan played the role of God himself. They were convinced that the Supreme Being had made a mistake by allowing the communists in their playground. But one cannot send the devil to finish God's job. No!' (169)
Subchan and more even Bron/Beek were the advisors to the demonstrations of the students and they invented the slogan: 'Crush the Communist Party and hang the whores of the women movement!' (199)
Passages about Bron/Beek and Subchan are found on pages 136-7; 169-174 and 197-205. The cover of the book has the section on the Monumen Kesaktian Pancasila in Jakarta with the reference to the dirty role of these women.

As a novel the book has quite nice descriptions in an 'orientalist' style: how does a Dutch researcher make contacts in Indonesia, his or her network, what is mostly interesting. In Wierenga's book of 2002 Father Beek is mentioned by his own name on p. 302 as 'involved in the virulently anti-communist group Catholic Action'. In the note on p. 332 the magazine Indonesia (Cornell? Leiden?) is quoted for Beek's role in orchestrating the massacre of the communists and in forming the New Order state. Still no concrete facts, although strong statements from people who could really know.

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